Temporal Knowledge
Bases Group


Big Data, Data Science, Social Network Analysis, Business Intelligence and Cognitive Systems at Universitat Jaume I 
Founders of the Spin-off SemanticBots S.L

About TKBG

TKBG, the Temporal Knowledge Bases Group at Universitat Jaume I, is led by Prof. Dr. Rafael Berlanga since 1997. It specializes in Big Data, Data Science, Social Network Analysis, Business Intelligence and Cognitive Systems.

Research Lines

  • Exploiting large knowledge resources.
  • Analysis of the Semantic Web.
  • Sentiment analysis in social networks.
  • Cognitive modeling of color: vision, perception and naming.
  • Qualitative modeling and spatial-temporal reasoning.

Consulting Services

  • Support services for business intelligence.
  • Semantic enrichment
  • Sentiment analysis in social networks.
  • Advanced Web services.
  • Cognitive modeling of images.



External PhD Students

  • Rupesh Mishra, Manav Rachna College of Engineering. Learning to assess Disaster and Tourism Decision Making.
  • Raúl Pedro Aceñero Eixarch. Earlier automatic detection of pulmonary nodules from x-rays and medical reports.


Former members and collaborators

  • Juan Manuel Pérez Martínez
  • Aurora Pons Porrata
  • Zoe Falomir Llansola, Universität Bremen
  • Jordi Paraire Andrés, Indra
  • Roxana Danger Mercaderes, Imperial College London
  • Ernesto Jiménez Ruiz, University of Oxford
  • Antonio Jimeno-Yepes, IBM Research
  • Henry Anaya Sánchez, Séntisis
  • Lisette García-Moya, Telefónica I+D
  • Leyla García Castro, ZB Med
  • María Pérez, SemanticBots SL.
  • Victoria Nebot, SemanticBots, SL.
  • Shahad Kudama
  • Sven Casteleyn, INIT - UJI


Publicly funded projects


Technology transfer



PhD Reports

Contact Information

Universitat Jaume I
Avg. Vicent Sos Baynat s/n
E-12071 Castelló de la Plana, Spain